About us

Our motivations

CS: GO celebrated its 20th anniversary and never ceased to amaze us with its richness and complexity.

This is why having the right tools to progress is essential and it seemed obvious to us that we had to group together on the same platform tactics, nades and organization of its playbook. No more google drive sheets not always well designed ... Welcome Zestrat !

All the pro teams have the chance to think for hours to the best tactics but it remains a difficult job for the amateurs who wish to progress.

That's why we decided in our free time to develop a platform bringing together all the features that we believe essential to progress as a team.

What's on the roadmap ?

Zestrat has many features already and we launch new features or enhancements every month. Even so, there are – and always will be – hundreds more features that we could build but haven't yet like those.

  • Online CS:GO demo viewer (2D)
  • Upload your own nades
  • Match reviews and annotations to follow the evolution of your practices
  • Statistics on your practices to highlight its strengths according to the periods
  • A lots more pro tactics you can rely on ...

We love to hear suggestions for new features, so if you have one, please let us know by sending us an email. And just so you know what to expect, we'll select the highest impact features for all.

Any thoughts? Feel free to contact us !