Inferno Combo off second mid with flash assist

Discover usefull nades on Inferno and link them to your tactics !


Learn basics on Inferno

Accelerate your building team process by learning pro teams tactics on Inferno. You can add them to your tactics and even edit them to make some variations that feet your needs.


Usefull nades to learn on Inferno

The right nade at the right time can make your official matchs way more easier. Start exploring them now and link them to your tactics.

  • Combo molotov coffins and smoke from banana
    Smoke, Molotov
  • Combo to take pit control from apps (with molo pit)
    Flash, Smoke, Molotov, Combo
  • Banana wall molotov from CT
  • Combo flashes x2 to take B from banana
    Flash, Combo
  • Combo smoke banana entrance with flashes
    Flash, Smoke, Combo
  • Arch smoke from mid ramp
  • A long smoke from stairs
  • Coffins smoke from banana
  • Library smoke from mid ramp
  • Double coffins he from banana wall (one step forward)

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